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Joybird Studio is a family affair…a mother/daughter team of paper and book artist located in Knoxville TN.  I, Monica Perdue, have had my hands in many different types of “crafts” over the years and like many families of my generations, books were ever present in my household.  The art of bookmaking, however, had never crossed my mind until I took a book making class offered at the University of Tennessee in 2006.  To say it was love at first stitch would be an understatement.  I was captivated by the many types and styles of art books and journals…but more than that I was in love with paper!  There are so many beautiful art papers to choose from that the imagination just soars.  Then I learned to marble and paint my own papers…well, to say that I am addicted is an understatement.

Bookmaking allows for so much creativity.  You can literally make a book out of anything and in any form or stitch.  I’ve added to my addiction to paper an addiction to cloth that can be transformed in to a  “paper” state for covering books.  Talk about a whole new world!


The instructor of that first bookmaking class and several other members were searching for an outlet where we could continue to explore and learn about the ancient art of book making and paper crafting.  From that need to share this great art form, The Knoxville Book Arts Guild was formed and monthly provides a venue where those with different talents can share with the group.  We regularly interact with other book making groups in the form of group book swaps, visiting instructors, and field trips.

I encouraged my daughter, Krista Takacs, to join the group and she likewise has become addicted to all things paper and book related.  We have regular “play days” dedicated to paper and book making and it is a great way for Mother and Daughter to enjoy each other’s company.

The name Joybird Studio is also a family thing.  I have always loved the word “JOY”.  The word JOY is the only way that I can describe that feeling that comes from the process of creating to finished product.  It is such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  Joy was also my father’s first name.  He passed away early in 2011 so as Krista and I were contemplating launching this studio Joybird came to be. “Joy” for my father, and “bird” for the desire to soar and fly that he always encouraged.

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